"When addressing any issue or making any decision brought before the IVGID Board of Trustees, I as a Trustee will always remember that I am working for you!"


Ensure board transparency including easy access to all public records.

Include the community by engaging them in decision-making processes through targeted community outreach.

Revise punch card system to eliminate wholesale, uncontrolled distribution to people who ARE NOT served within the District.

Prioritize maintenance of existing amenities such as ball fields, rec center, golf course, ski area, The Chateau, restrooms at beach facilities.

Work with Washoe County on having renters enforce regulations and follow short-term rental guidelines.


Implement clear, precise, financial reporting compliant with Nevada Revised Statutes.

Eliminate wasteful spending such as hiring consultants that we don’t need, hiring too many employees, legal representation (lesser retainment).

Reduce beach and recreational facility fees; only charge residents for costs related to furnishing recreational venues for residents use and enjoyment.

Reduce marketing costs which achieve little or no measurable financial impact on district revenues. For example, don’t market a ski resort, Diamond Peaks, that might not open.  

Make the dog park a reality, not just a priority.


Complete the effluent pipeline project.

Demand a utility rate study by an independent agency not within Washoe County.

Promote legislative implementation of Public Utilities Committee oversight for District utilities.

Review Waste Management contracts.


Guarantee priority access to residents and property owners who pay the recreation fee, making our recreational venues primarily available to the residents and property owners.

Limit numbers of guests at our most popular amenity venues.

Hold Venue Managers (e.g. Golf Course Manager) accountable for the bottom line / return on investment by establishing performance standards for each venue.

Administer annual surveys by reputable companies to poll residents regarding recreational venues’ services.


The Burnt Cedar swimming pool replacement project

The effluent pipeline replacement

The lining of the emergency effluent pond

The replacement of the Incline Beach snack bar

Ordinance 7 and the use of recreational “punch cards”

Replacement of the Mountain Golf Course cart paths

Keeping our residents as priority clients on our golf venues

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